Welcome To My Boring Page~~ ^0^~~!

This page is strongly describes about my interests, my very simple life as a big-body boy...hehehe..^^ nothing is intresting much in here, i just created this blog just to express my fellings for those who willing to hear my story... just enjoy it and kindly leave a comment to improve this page!!! ^^

Sunday, August 22, 2010

About My Second Favorite Game...SDO-X....

This is the best achivement to me so far.... i played Sie Luen Yen Ren lvl 15 n i got 2134 perfects, 198 cools, 15 bad, 23 miss AND the COMBO is 1397!!! and that is, my best score so far, i got 145,429 points.... maybe im not good enough but i just want to share my joyful moments when i got that score...^^
hehehe...^^ i know im so noob..^^

Friday, August 20, 2010

ongoing improvements....

After several times of playing all things on Blogger, this is the Best theme I can choose so far.... if I have time, maybe ill upload some of my favorite photos about my interests...Keep hitting me!!!